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4 Secrets to Slow Aging: Keeping Seniors Active

Dana Larsen
By Dana LarsenMarch 8, 2016
4 Secrets to Slow Aging: Keeping Seniors Active

Staying mentally and physically active will, of course, help keep the brain and muscles alert. But there’s more to it than that. Socialization is also crucial to help aging seniors stay young.

Of course we are all aware how important it is to stay active, at every step of life. But keeping seniors active — whether playing chess or engaging in volunteer work — is also necessary to slow aging. Many seniors don’t want to make the move to an assisted living or retirement community as they believe it may signify a compromise of their independence. However, the move may, in fact, promote healthy senior living, and the quality care that aging seniors need to stay alert and happy.

4 Secrets to Keeping Seniors Active

Here are a few best practices to help keep seniors active by properly running an assisted living community to promote healthy, happy and thriving residents:

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1. Socialization is Key

Social engagement and resident interaction can help combat depression. Since depression is a contributing factor in a myriad of health problems — ranging from memory loss to fatigue to ineffective autoimmune responses — keeping an active social calendar helps with human interaction and stimulation. Seniors tend to slow down as they get older and social engagement can be limited. A well-run retirement community provides social events, contests and programs to promote socialization (and, hopefully, the variety appeals to many different personalities).

2. Let’s Stay Physical! Physical!

Olivia Newton John’s words resonate in every day health — especially for senior citizens. Retirement communities should offer many programs to keep their seniors active, from endurance and strength-building workouts to physical therapy that is catered to senior citizens — to water aerobics and gardening. Staying active in a fun, organized group settings can help seniors treat arthritis, keep their circulation flowing and keep their bodies engaged in healthy living.

3. Keeping That Society Life

It doesn’t need to be “high society,” but ‘some’ community interaction is good. Involvement in the community makes people feel like they’re contributing to society, simply because, well — they are. Assisted living and retirement communities offer many outreach programs to keep seniors involved in the community, whether they’re working with kids, businesses or nonprofit organizations. Having a connection and contributing feels good, especially for senior citizens to help them not feel ‘out-of-touch’ in the world.

4. Keeping It Real

Daily household chores and responsibilities can be a lot for anyone. For seniors, it can take a toll. Cleaning, doing laundry and walking up and down the stairs can be a burden for someone in their golden years. Especially if the senior feels obligated to keep up with old habits. Friends and family can help, but it’s not a fun situation for anyone. This is why keeping a realistic, active lifestyle at an assisted living and retirement community is much more manageable. Organized, daily tasks are more for the senior’s enjoyment. The communities take care of the responsibilities and daily details.

So keep these things in mind when searching for a retirement community for your loved one as it’s important to find a community that will enhance the latter years.

Staying active in assisted living and enjoying an engaging retirement tends to slow the aging process.

Do you have any tips for keeping seniors active that we haven’t highlighted above? Share your suggestions with us in the comments below.

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Dana Larsen
Dana Larsen

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