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How do you determine the best placement for someone with dementia?

My mother is in a memory care placement. She fell out of bed, breaking her hip and wrist. What is the best kind of placement, besides a 24 hour caregiver, to protect her from falls?
Status: Open    Jan 16, 2017 - 08:16 AM

Senior Living Communities, Dementia

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Jan 25, 2017 - 11:20 AM

A couple of resources that you might want to use are:
The state’s Department of Health Services can give you information about the capabilities of the different types of facilities.

The Medicare website ( provides a feature called Nursing Home Compare, where you are able to compare
the various skilled nursing facilities in a certain area. It compares their caregiver to patient ratios, how they have scored on
recent state inspections and other useful factors.

Have you already met with the nursing administrator at your mother’s current facility to find out how she fell?
One challenge that care facilities have to work with is the federal regulations that discourage the use of physical and chemical restraints.
When deciding upon a safe facility for your mother, you might want to find out what precautions the various facilities use to prevent injuries.
The amount of staffing and a safe environment are important factors for memory care facilities.

All states have ombudsmen available to advocate for residents in elder care facilities. Your local ombudsman should be able to give you information
to help you make an informed decision about the safest place for your mother.

I hope that this will give you some information to help you make decisions for your mother’s care.


Jan 20, 2017 - 01:38 PM

First, be sure that falling out of the bed is what is causing her injuries. Unfortunately, according to the U.S. Government, Health and Human Services, 45% of paid caregivers in senior living communities admit to abusing seniors in their care. Those with dementia are at the highest risk for being abused. Hiring a senior care auditor to visit and assess her, her living conditions, and the caregiver may help determine if she is truly getting the care and support she deserves where she is.


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