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Is a service connected pension a requirement for aid & attendance?

My husband was a WW 2 veteran and we were married 48 years when he died in 1998.
When inquiring with a local VSR at the Sacramento, VA as to if I would be eligible for AA if I should need it, I was told that I was not eligible because my husband did not have a pension connected to his service at the time of his death. Is this correct? I question this answer.

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Jan 09, 2017 - 11:13 AM

No, a Service Connected disability is not required to be eligible for the Aid & Attendance portion of the Survivor's Pension. The Survivor's Pension the VA offers to surviving spouses of veterans who served (90 days of active service prior to Sep 7, 1980 & 24 consecutive months on Active Duty after Sep 7, 1980), with at least 1 day in a time of war, even if they did not serve in combat has 3 levels. The basic pension, Homebound & Aid and Attendance. Your primary care physician will certify via VA Form 21-2680 whether or not you qualify for Aid & Attendance. Essentially it consists of being unable to care for yourself and you require 24/7 care for your daily living activities. The pension is awarded to those who have medical expenses that exceed their income. The VA will annualize the monthly income and the monthly medical expenses. The medical expenses (that exceed 5% of the maximum pension rate) are deducted from the income and wherever the income falls below the VA threshold (for 2017 $16,836 for Aid & Attendance) will determine the monthly benefits paid. Additionally, assets must not exceed $80,000 (rumor has it VA is going to change this soon) not including your home or personal effects.

I hope that I have answered your question and if you have anything else please let me know.
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