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Niece is a drug user, controlling and has POA over Mom

My niece went to prison after three yrs. of probation at moms. I always took care of my folks. When the PO called and said she can come back now mom said oh hell no. Then she gave her another chance. But she cried to me on the phone she’s worse so much worse I made an awful mistake! NOW she let her come back and after a year she has complained again. Suddenly she gave her MPA even though she doesn’t get the care I gave and she’s been left alone a lot. I told my niece I’m coming to my childhood home as I need to be with my mom!! She said nope I have POWER and you can’t come home even in a body bag and she won’t speak to you ever again!!!! She went to prison for meth dealing and now convinced my mom it was me!? She filed charges against me for abuse while she was in prison freaking out about not being able to come back, so she wheedled her way back and it appears she has eaten and brainwashed my mom’s brain. Moms 90 I don’t want to lose contact but she’s even scared her in to not calling me. She raises her BP if she finds out we have even spoken. She’s a sociopath and I told mom do not give her power! I can’t afford to live where I am and don’t want help from mom but it’s impossible. I cannot wrap my head around this control freak and I don’t know why she’s against me. BUT she gets a free place in Burbank if I stay away so I said I'm coming entering my house bringing money you have to coexist with me. again she laughed NO I HAVE POWER and I said no you can never ever come home again she’s my mm now and this is my household. I’m so lost scared broke worried. My mom doesn’t hate me. She even sent a check for Xmas...and i can’t even say thanks! How do I tell this case worker the truth? The abuser is accusing me of what she did. She’s insane and so is her bipolar sister. I've never been away from my folks. It killed my dad literally that she went to prison he DIED without me two months after they bailed her the first time! SOS I can’t do this. Please advise. Don’t I have rights as her daughter? My pastor called and niece scream you dumb f what don't you get she can’t talk to her you dumb f?? That priest said there is evil in your mother’s house pure evil. Yea most of us know this.

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Jan 04, 2017 - 10:53 AM

This sounds like a very upsetting situation that's causing worry, especially because you lack regular contact with your mother. You mentioned there is a case worker involved - for either your mother or your niece? You might start by asking for an in-person meeting with the case worker. Prepare and practice what you want to say to the case worker, and define exactly what you want to ask them to do that is within their role. An elder law attorney or mediator could be another resource to learn about what can be done for your mother's well-being and to help you contact your mother. Here on the APFM website, go to the PLANNING & ADVICE tab, then look on the right side for the SENIOR CARE list and choose the city closest to you . On the city page, scroll down and look under ELDER LAW ATTORNEYS and start calling. Again, prepare and practice what you want to say, and what you think you need from the attorney. You may also check in your county for a non-profit Dispute Resolution Center. They offer low-cost family mediation services or can direct you to other helpful resources.


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By jan2curtis on Jan 12, 2017 - 01:44 PM | Like (0)  |  Report

niece wont let mom answer phone. tapped all conversations takes all mail. she while in prison filed a case against ME for abuse and mom went along with it. shes been cohersed to say what neice tells her. im being verbally abused by this felon and she said i can never go home even in a body bag.the case worker is not on my side at all. she desnt get the accuser is the abuser!

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Jan 05, 2017 - 04:09 PM

If you want to protect your mother from abuse by another person you have several options:

1. You could contact an attorney and file for a "protective proceeding" in the local probate court. These proceedings appoint someone to manage a person's affairs and it trumps all powers of attorney.

2. Contact Adult Protective Services and file a complaint. This agency is a part of DHR here in Alabama.

3. You may be able to call the police. Some states have elder abuse statutes and you could file a criminal complaint if the behavior reaches certain levels.
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By C. Blake West on Jan 12, 2017 - 12:29 PM | Like (0)  |  Report

This is a really good answer. Isolation is a form of abuse that is included in the definition of the abuse law in most states.
Do not wait, do it now.

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