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Iowa law on selling a home to help pay for care facility

Mom may have to go to a nursing home but her house is not sold and she may not have the money to pay for a nice facility for awhile.

Status: Open    Dec 27, 2016 - 02:09 PM

Caregiving, Elder Law

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Jan 04, 2017 - 03:58 PM

Your mom may retain her home and if her assets are under $2000 she may qualify for Medicaid. Should she sell her home, she will have too much in the way of assets to qualify for Medicaid.

You should seek the advice of an elder law attorney or a knowledgeable financial consultant before you take any steps.

Jan 05, 2017 - 04:08 PM

Each state has its own specific rules when it comes to Medicaid coverage. In most states as long as you prove that you are trying to sell the home you can still qualify for needs based benefits. You may want to consult with an elder law attorney in your state for some specific advice.
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