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Does Virginia have a Medicaid benefit, next step for mom?

Does Virginia have a Medicaid benefit? I am experiencing all of the above issues with my 86 year old mom who is insisting to stay in her house. It started with dementia and now the doc believes Alzheimer's. She is seeing people, they are living at her house, sometimes their house hiding items especially money and wallet, etc. I have a lady that comes in about 5 days a week to get her settled in the evening, meds etc. my question is an assisted living the next step if she wants to stay home? I'm with her twice a week but am a single mom and money is an issue. What is my next step in your opinion, she has really gone done hill in the last 3 months

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Jan 05, 2017 - 04:08 PM

I would recommend you contact an elder law attorney in Virginia. There are certainly benefits available. My own grandparents (who lived in Virginia) received Medicaid to help with their nursing home care. You can ask around for a referral, use this site or contact NAELA (the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys)
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