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4 In-room/wall hard wired safety lights in assisted living out.

Metal plate screwed into wall with a bulb behind it. Previous asst living entity stated these were required and they maintained. Then entity taken over by current conglomerate. There are 4 hard wired and wall mounted in my mother's suite. All 4 are continually out, unless I bring it up to maintenance. The current Director first said that these were not even in each room and they were not responsible. As we had toured many of the rooms previously, I knew this was not true, as there are at least 2 safety lights per room; 1 in the bathroom and 1 in the main living area. These lights come on when it is dark, to illuminate the way from the bed to the bathroom safely at night. If you go to Texas DAD building codes, there are requirements that specify 'emergency' lights, but are 'safety' lights emergency lights or not? Several residents have fallen over the past several years there. While these accidents may not be related to not having adequate night lights, what if they were? Someone comes into my mother's room daily to help her dress/brush her teeth, cleaning and laundry once a week etc. Shouldn't someone be keeping up with this safety issue? Is this a form of neglect? Many family members may not realize what is ongoing. They may not think to check these lights every time they are there. They may not know to make an issue of it---but it is one of the simplest things to help insure ambulatory safety at night for those we love. What if there is a correlation between residents falling at night and their safety lights being out? I check weekly. Mother has 2 rooms, so 2 of the lights are not as critical at night--but the one in the bathroom and the one from her sleeping area are. I watch as the 1 non-critical goes out and no one changes the bulb. THen the other---and same thing. I have made a point of calling in to report it, if there is no one at the front desk, but now I write a note too---- The maintenance man is right on it, when they let him know. It is just, what is the protocol to insure he is advised ASAP on a daily basis? In a hotel, we used to have housekeeping reports, where you reported outages for correction. I do not think the same is being done for our seniors.
So, whatcha all think? Are in-room safety lights part of code requirements in Assisted Living? If so, shouldn't the facility personnel be responsible for the daily checking and upkeep? If they are--and this is endangering the residents, and the current Director denies they are responsible to replace bulbs, then what. If they aren't, I guess we should just buy some cheap baby night lights and input, as who visits with a screwdriver to take a plate off the wall to change a bulb? Maybe we should do this anyway to protect mother----but I still advocate for all----so????
Status: Open    Nov 06, 2016 - 09:18 AM

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