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Mom in CA on Medicaid, what if she moves in with me in NV?

Mom's 89, ss is 1380 a month in CA, she is on medicaid and food stamps. If she moves to Las Vegas NV and lives with me and my husband will she lose her benefits? Does she have to pay us rent? If she can not keep her medical and move with us she is going to need to be put into a care facillity in CA. What ever the govenment will pay for, neither of us want that. And we really don't want her to pays us anything as we are both retired and it will boost or income and we will need to pay more taxes.

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Jan 05, 2017 - 07:14 AM

What a wonderful daughter you are for inviting your mother to come live with you. Kudos. Your mother may already be eligible for medical Medicaid coverage in Nevada, as she is eligible in California, but the eligibility rules vary from state to state. Your mother would need to apply for Nevada Medicaid once she gives up her residency in California and establishes herself as living in Nevada. I recommend doing some research into Nevada Medicaid to ensure she meets the Nevada eligibility criteria before she applies. There should be official information and application forms on a government website for the department that runs the state's Medicaid program. You may also have county representatives or local offices that can provide some guidance. Many states have government agencies specifically to help seniors, some of which are called an Ombudsman.

As for paying rent, this is not typically required to receive Medicaid. However, Nevada's Medicaid program will have an "asset maximum," meaning that your mother's assets may not go above a certain level or she will be ineligible for Medicaid. Paying rent is one way to ensure she does not exceed this maximum. However, she could spend her income in other ways, such as paying for her food, her portion of the utilities, etc. She must pay for specific items, however, as "giving away" money could create issues with her Medicaid coverage. (Ex: You should have a system for splitting the utilities, food, etc. or a rental or care contract if she is paying you directly.) To get specific advice, assistance in filling out a Medicaid application, and advice regarding potential money saving strategies, I recommend you contact an elder law attorney in Nevada. The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys website at has a Find an Attorney function to find an attorney in your state.
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