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How to ensure Dad's legal matters are transparent & not fraudulent?

My father has dementia and Alzheimer's. My brother lives with him and is apparently his poa etc although there has been no discussion announcing this to me. My brother took my dad to change his will recently, and made the remark there were so many papers to sign and how he didn't understand why or how there could be so many papers to sign. I asked him what all was the issue he was signing for and he could not tell me. There is a remarkable amount of items including family heirlooms that are disappearing at an alarming rate. No one seems to know anything and when I pressed for an answer my brother threatened to prosecute me if one item disappeared.
I have found lists of changes my brother has made outlining some of the changes to the will my brother thinks he should make - one of which is completely opposite of who my father has been his entire life. (My father was a scientist and much of his funding came from the donations of patrons. He has alwYs wanted to leave money to the continuing advancement of science) My brother thought that 20k would be better off being given to my sisters baby instead. I am concerned about a lack of checks and balances and the fact that my brother has made it his mission to make me pay for things he has no business being involved in. Plain and simple he hates me and has turned the rest of the family against me. It goes much deeper than this , but changing a will when a person has no idea what they signed seems very wrong. What can I do to make sure things are transparent for us all?
Status: Open    Oct 09, 2016 - 11:26 AM

Elder Law

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