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I am full disability VA,SSDI with Medicare A& B and TriCare Prime

How will this effect me going to the Va for certain services? I also have a Tricare PCM. Do I notify the VA about my Medicare coverage? Will this effect my VA payments & milage back & forth to the VA? Will I pay out of pocket to go to the VA now it was free because of my 100% disability and not being able to work. I also collect SSDI because I am unable to work. This is where my Medicare part A & B coverage falls into place, It really confuses me. I am also 51 years old. I was medically discharged from Active Duty Army when I was 46. My VA rating was 100% plus monthly special compensation when I was retired medically. Does anyone have answers and in a similar situation as me? I don't have a clue about medicare and how it works or don't work with Tricare Prime or the VA medical benifit. All I know is I am paying for two medical insurances Tri Care Prime and Medicare now. Just wandering if I will have to start paying for a third medical insurance when I really dont need three. I guess its away they get money from those of us that can no longer work because of our disabilities. Don't seem fair because taking money from our pockets when we can not earn any extra income at all.
Status: Open    Sep 29, 2016 - 07:40 AM

Medicare/Medicaid, VA Benefits

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Sep 29, 2016 - 08:27 AM

If you are rated 100% with the VA you will not pay for any medical services at a VA facility. Also the VA cannot bill Medicare or TriCare because they are Federal entities. You do not pay a premium (like Medicare's $104.90 and TriCare Prime) to have VA medical coverage, there are only co-payments but due to your 100% rating you should not have any co-payments. I'm not sure what other answers you are looking for but I can try to assist with clarification. Additionally, you may want to speak with a Veterans Service Officer (VSO) in your area as they may be able to better explain your benefits to you. You can find a VSO through the VA's website at OGC - Accreditation Search. All VSO services are provided free of charge.
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