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Moving grandma out of state, how to continue Medicaid?

My grandma is living by herself in California, on section 8, on Medi-Cal (Medicaid) and only income is SSI (~$800/month). She wants to move in with my mom in Nevada and I’m scared she will have a tough time getting Medicaid there and need help filling her meds while waiting if approved. My parents own their home and will not claim her on their taxes; they are both nurses and wondering will that affect her Medicaid eligibility when the application asks for Medicaid household members and income? I don't know what's best for her, please help! I’ve been watching over her in California and she's not safe to live by herself which is why she wants to move in with my mom. I understand she'll need to reapply for NV Medicaid but shouldn't it be easier if she already has Medicaid in California vs not having Medicaid at all in any state?

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Oct 10, 2016 - 01:30 PM

All of these are good questions. Since each state manages their own Medicaid system, you need to contact the Nevada Medicaid people to ask these questions. I moved my elderly cousin from California to Arizona and eventually got her on Medicaid, after she spent down her assets. Each state’s requirements are similar, but can vary as to level of income and other requirements.

I do know that Medicaid systems encourage a care environment that is cost effective as long as the individual receives safe care. The fact that her caregivers are nurses should not affect her eligibility. I would think that would be an asset for her. Before I even applied for Medicaid for my cousin, I contacted one of the local Medicaid counselors to ask questions. He was very helpful.

Each state have ombudsman services available for the elderly. You might have your parents contact their local ombudsman for assistance. Nevada’s Department of Health Services should be able to help them contact the ombudsman.

I wish you well in obtaining a successful care situation for your grandma. She is blessed to have children and grandchildren who want to care for her and keep her safe.
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