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Can a doctor change prescription without seeing patient?

My girlfriend just moved into a neuroRehabilitation facility for a term of one to three months when she left home her doctor had prescribed her four 10 milligram Adderall per day. She has been taking this for a couple of years now and now that she has moved into this place they have reduced her down to one per day without the doctor that is on staff there even seeing her I would like to know if that is even legal or is this something that they are allowed to do being that they have not seen her or talked to her doctor at home
Status: Open    Jul 11, 2016 - 07:03 AM

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Jul 16, 2016 - 12:46 PM

All changes in medication must be made under a doctor's order. However, doctors can indeed change prescriptions over the telephone and after consultation with non-MD staff members without doing an in person examination.

When a patient is admitted to a facility then they have agreed to be under the care of the physician(s) that practice at that facility. Read the admission papers, some facilities refuse to allow non-staff physicians to practice there. This means that the goals of therapy and manners of practice can and do vary between facilities.

Remember too that just because something was changed does not automatically mean it is incorrect. If her recovery was not progressing or moving in the right direction then perhaps the original treatment was incorrect and needed to be changed? Certainly this change should be discussed with the doctors at the facility where she is receiving treatment.

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