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Most supportive state for low-income elderly services?

My mom is 64, she's on SSI-disability (mild mental and physical impairment), but she never paid into social security so she have very little to live off of. She has been living a nomadic lifestyle most of her life, travelling around in her camper or living out of her car and occassionally with other family member for short periods of time. Essentially she's homeless and she has been for going on 10 years now. Currently, she receives some medical support from Massachusetts, where she's registered to live, but owing to her lifestyle she's often living in other states. I live in a one-room apartment with my wife and we have no space with us. I want to help make sure she has a place to land when she gets too old to keep living the way she does.

I want to see her living in a safe and secure place, but since she doesn't have any money, I'm not sure where to start. I live in California and I've talked with her, and she's willing to relocate to my state, Nevada, Arizona, or Florida to start applying for in-state programs. How do I start and is one state better than another in regards to quality/wait/coverage/etc?
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Jun 01, 2016 - 02:11 PM

Since your mother is on SSI Disability, she qualifies for Medi-Cal (also known as Medicaid). California has the Assisted Living Waiver Program (ALWP) in certain counties. This website lists the cities that offer the ALWP program, Your mother should be able to get assistance with finding a facility to accept her by also calling the local Care Coordinator Agency. This is the website that lists them for the different counties.

Jun 06, 2016 - 07:18 AM

As an attorney advising clients in this area, I have often wondered if there is an ideal state for services. If there were, I would be afraid it would be overrun and then no longer be ideal. My feel from talking to practitioners across the country is that all states are feeling budgetary pressures and that every benefit program has its problems. I cannot tell you where to go, but I can tell you not to come to Alabama. We have tremendous budgetary issues with our state's Medicaid program and sadly we have a government that has shown little to no interest in fixing it.
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