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Are there places where unmarried partners can live together?

My mother is disabled, for the last 2 years she has lived with her life partner, both in and out of a nursing home, but they are not married. Mom is a severe Type 1 Diabetic, she has also survived a severe stroke that has left her unable to use her left arm or hand, Mom has also had 2 massive heart attacks. She spent 6 years in a nursing home, but she often felt like it was a prison, being limited in what she could do there. She knows she needs full time care, but does not wish to go back to another nursing home. Before she became disabled she worked as an obstetrics nurse and as an CRNA, The home where she lived, many of the nurses and CNA's mistreated her because of her age and knowledge. She would like to find a place where she and her partner/caregiver can continue to stay together. Are there any options for her?
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Jun 27, 2016 - 02:58 PM

I do not know of any places that would not allow them to live together. A caregiver cannot live in the nursing home. Some assisted living facilities may have requirments of needing assistance. It would be expensive for the caregiver to live at the assisted living facility. I would check with independent living facilities or regular apartments/houses. Federal laws prohibit discrimination based on sex or marital status.
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