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How can I keep mom in her memory care home if her money runs out?

My mom is currently in an Alf with memory care. She loves it there, but will run out of money this year. How can we keep her there? It is moderately priced, and fills her medical need. Will Medicaid and her SS cover it?
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Apr 12, 2016 - 08:31 AM

If your mom is a surviving spouse of a Wartime Veteran, you should consider looking into the surviving spousal benefit of pension plus Aid and Attendance for a maximum benefit of $1149/mth. This may allow her to stay where she is and where she seems to be happy.

Apr 19, 2016 - 09:02 AM

Social Security will not pay extra for memory care, other than what your mom receives, now. Medicare does not pay for assisted living. Medicare only pays for care if there is a skilled need and that is always limited. Memory,in it self does not qualify as skilled care.

Medicaid does pay for memory care and assisted living, however the local Medicaid agency may have a limited number of facilities in which they will reimburse for their clients to receive care. I suggest that you contact your local Medicaid agency to find out if your mom would be able to remain at her current facility. Most Medicare counselors are happy to accommodate their clients, as long as they are receiving good and cost effective care.

Also, the director at her current facility, might be able to tell you if they have received reimbursement from the state Medicaid for any other residents of theirs.

Good luck to you in finding the best solution for your mom.

Apr 25, 2016 - 08:04 AM

If your mom is eligible for Medicaid, the benefits provided will cover the cost, as long as the facility accepts Medicaid. To apply for Medicaid, your mom will need to be under the resource and income limits that are specified by her state’s Medicaid rules. If her resources are over the limit, she will need to “spend them down,” which means spending the resources on allowable items, which include her facility bill, doctor’s bills, etc. Gifting money is not allowed; all resources must be spent on herself. In addition, most states have a “5-year look back” period, which is a requirement to submit financial statements for the last 5 years. The State examines these to ensure that the applicant didn’t gift or spend resources in a disallowed manner. If her income is over the limit, the treatment of the excess income will depend on the state that she resides in. The Medicaid rules and guidelines are often complex, so hiring a third-party to guide you in the application process can be a great option for you and your mom.
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