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Must Mom reapply to VA if additional benefits are now needed?

If a surviving spouse has previously applied for (VA Form 21-534) and was awarded basic VA Pension based on very low income and assets (did not request Housebound or Aid and Attendance benefit at that time) but has now become housebound and requires paid assistance (still living in her home), to get considered for the additional benefit must she re-submit the entire Form 21-534 or should she just submit Form 21-4138 with attached Form 21-2680 and bill from homecare agency? Or is there a different way to proceed?
Status: Open    Mar 28, 2016 - 12:49 PM

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Mar 28, 2016 - 01:01 PM

Unfortunately when the VA changed the law last March of 2015, every new claim must be submitted on the correct form. So you are correct you will need to resubmit a 21-534EZ to the VA will all of the new paperwork (21-2680) and medical expenses so that the VA can adjust her pension accordingly. Also I would check with her doctor as she may qualify for Aid and Attendance even if she is still living at home depending on what the in-home caregiver assists with. Rule of thumb is that the caretaker assists with at least 3-5 activities of daily living, especially if there is medication management involved. Good luck and if you need any help seek out a Veterans Service Officer who can assist you free of charge to make sure that nothing is missing. OGC - Accreditation Search
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