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Are memory enhancing apps helpful?

My father has beginning stage dementia and is all excited about this new brain app he saw advertised on TV. He has been using his tablet for various games and social media but seems to think this app will be the answer to his prayers. Will it be helpful for anything besides entertainment? I have no problem buying the app for him I just hate to see him get his hopes up so high over an unproven technology.
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Mar 29, 2016 - 01:30 PM

I am a volunteer with the Alzheimer's Association working with early memory loss patients, but certianly not a doctor so please do not take this as medical advice.

I guess it depends on what your father consider's to be the "answer to his prayers", but in general any activity that a patient participates in that they enjoy is considered very healthy for a patient. The more one can exercise the brain and think, it can certainly not hurt. Coming from personal experience my grandmother did very well with these types of games and enjoyed them.

It is also critical to keep your father active with other activites, so please try to encourage him to also remain physically active, and not just play games on his tablet or phone.


Apr 06, 2016 - 03:16 PM

Hi, most apps out there for memory care approach it from a very simplistic perspective. These apps can be engaging and even entertaining, but may provide very little in the way of true memory care benefits. There are literally dozens if not a couple of hundred of these types of apps available for mobile devices. It is important that you vet any apps that you purchase for your father. While most are entertaining at the very least, some can be confusing and confusion is the last thing you want to generate for someone who has memory care issues.

We strongly believe that the best most effective forms of memory care are those that deal with that individuals own memories from their recent and distant past. We memories can be recalled from things your father actually experienced or was present for, these types of events do more to stimulate a response or memory recall because these memories actually exist in their mind, it is simple very difficult for them to pull them out. So images, sound, music, items and other elements that are from their actual past really go further in helping them with their memory deficits. Often these recalled moments are only temporary, but repetition is the key in making these memories longer lasting and possible even permanent again.

The one thing to remember is every mind is profoundly different and of course every life lived is different. But familiarity is often more effective that what is presented in typical memory care apps. Its all about "personalizing" the memory care session. This yeilds the best results.

Hope this helps. Wishing you the very best with your dad and his memory care.

Darryl Duncan
Aria Musicholistics, LLC
"Next Level Memory Care"
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