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Can dementia affect taste and smell?

Dad says that everything stinks and gets mad at us because we don't smell anything funny. He now uses large amounts of cologne and air freshener, I'm worried about all toxins he may be breathing in from cheap air freshener. He also says that we are poisoning him because the food we have always given him tastes different. Even store bought candy and meals from the deli taste different to him and he thinks we are collaborating with the store employees to poison him.
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Mar 09, 2016 - 09:07 PM

It is very common for people with Dementia to have challenges related to food. This can be affected by new medications, changes in exercise and just forgetting to eat. I would advise speaking with your father's doctor to see if they have any recommendations

The Alzheimer's association has a great link on this subject matter as well which I have listed below.


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