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How do I go about hiring a live in 24 hour a day nurse to care for my dad?

My father has been in a rehab facility for over two moths following back surgery. He is 92 and was not walking well before the surgery, now he can hardly walk at all. He came home yesterday because he demanded to be let out. It only took a matter of hours for him to have the first fall and have to call 911 for help as my mom could not lift him. The rest of the family is too far away to help onsite for the long-term. He was taken to the hospital but is demanding to be sent home even though he can not get up off the toilet on his own.
It seems he is not a viable assisted living candidate so that leaves long-term care-which he refuses, or a live-in nurse. He lives in western Colorado and wages are fairly low there and I think we could afford a month or two of live in nursing care but would like to hire someone that is independent of an agency. It's my belief that an agency would charge too much for his limited funds.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Feb 25, 2016 - 08:24 PM

An agency will definitely cost a fortune more. I am a 24 hour home caregiver. I take care of an 83 year old with dementia. His family had an agency, which costed about 5,000 a week. They switched and have been paying us personally without an angency....which is 150 dollars a day. Most agencies only pay their employees 100-125 per 24 hour day and the family pays them thousands! Maybe you can find someone by posting an ad in the paper. Interview people and ofcourse do back ground checks and definitely check references. I believe they also have online websites for people like you who are looking for well as caregivers looking for work that you could browse through their profiles. Google some things and see what you come up with! Good luck!!!! Also...i believe social security will pay a portion.

Feb 26, 2016 - 05:02 AM

I'm in the same situation with my father. He was in the hospital for 70 days and wanted to come home but mobility is an issue. I was fortunate enough to have connection with out local high school. The high schools have a nursing program where the seniors graduate with a CNA degree then move on to college. Many of the teachers remain in contact with the students that graduated through the program last year. I was able to hire a couple of girls that graduated last year from the program and pay them $10 a hour. Medicaid will pay for Physical therapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational therapy to come out to the home at 100% but the doctor has to order it. Plus, they will send out someone 2 times a week to assist in bathing your father. If your father is a veteran you can get alot of equipment to help with his mobility issues paid 100%. My father is a veteran so we were fortunate enough to get the VA to provide an electric hoiler lift will help get them off the floor when they fall. VA will provide walkers, hospital beds, shower benches, etc. Medicare will provide some equipment as well but they will only pay 80% of the cost and you have to pay the rest. Doctors just have to order it.
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