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Can hypnosis reduce dementia behaviors?

Mother (95) in an ALF, but wants to return to home & people from 1930's. Thinks her mom & dad are still alive (both passed decades ago), seldom asks about husband of 60 years (married in 1941, he passed in 2006). Packs up everything nearly every day getting ready, and sits there waiting, for someone to take her back home. (that house has been demolished, years ago). She thinks "home" is only a few miles away, when it is 1700+ miles back to Nebraska from FL. Keeps asking (harrassing) "when is someone going to take me home?" Then is upset when we say later or not today.

Would Hypnosis help reduce or stop this? But then she may not even remember the hypnosis.
I see mention on www about a Dr in UK?, but no stats or proof of success probability. Neurologist said it probably would not work. How do you find a hypnotist? I have tried a little, and didn't find any real help. .
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Mar 23, 2016 - 02:02 PM

I suspect you may have answered your own question. The fact that you haven't been able to find any information pertaining to a relationship of hypnosis as a treatment method for dementia is pretty telling. If it were widely accepted as a as a successful approach, it would in all likelihood be well documented. With conditions as you describe, my first question is always "have any attempts been made to redirect her into a memory of something different so that she's not focused on moving home?" For instance, do you recall from your youth any activities that she took great delight in? It does not have to be a complex activity, something as simple as playing cards, singing songs, or folding laundry can keep a person quite content and occupied. Anything that would direct her away from dwelling on the old home. Try to find something simple, and don't be surprised if she wants to do it over and over and over. Good luck, and I hope you are successful.


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