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What is neuro cognitive syndrome?

We just had an appointment with a new doctor who diagnosed my husband with neuro cognitive syndrome. I've never heard of it and the appointment was so brief I had no time to ask questions.
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Mar 24, 2016 - 08:26 AM

Neurocognitive syndrome or neurocognitive disorder (NCD) is a broad medical term that reflects a decline in an individual’s cognitive abilities, things like: memory, attention, learning, language, or perception. Sorry to hear about the brevity of the visit. You definitely need to schedule a follow up visit and find out what the plan for assessment – or work-up – is going to be. There should be more detailed testing, and that can come in many forms: physical exams (to look for things like tremor, muscle weakness, or gait problems), lab tests (to look for hormonal changes), cognitive testing (to tease out problems with memory or language or perception), interviews to assess mood and affect (in case depression or anxiety is an issue) and sometimes radiological testing (like scans of the brain).

Obviously the physician you saw felt that the symptoms your husband is reporting – or that others observed – go beyond just normal aging. What the cause is I can’t say, but a thorough work up will help you find answers, and then consider treatment options. Hope that helps.
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