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Suggestions for good waterproof mattress protectors for the elderly?

Have Mother at home now and she pees in the bed all the time. Do "regular" waterproof mattress protectors help with constant wetting? Or is there something else I should get.
Status: Open    Feb 06, 2016 - 05:37 PM


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Feb 07, 2016 - 01:13 AM

She should be wearing incontence briefs that either she or you can put on. They come in different waist sizes and hold different amounts of fluids. There are also ones designed for overnight wear. Also you should get some bedpads, both reuseable and disposable. I am not sure about the mattress protectors but you can get ones that encase the entire mattress that might work well for you.

Source: Denise Washington, DC


Feb 07, 2016 - 06:27 AM

There are good water proof matress pads.
I purchased 2 since i would wash it once in a while and you can not put them in the dryer so I had to have a back up.
The waterproof matress pad has the plastic on the bottom so the top will get wet if she soaks through.
I did minimize soaking through by placing a contractor garbage bag on top of the matress pad then I placed a doubled layer of terry towel then the fitted sheet to hold it all in place. I know this sounds like a lot but it did save the mattress. Another option that does work well is get a long lengts of rubberized cloth from a fabric store. It is pretty much like the old "burp" cloths. It is a flannel like material on both sides and a waterproof layer between. I would purchase it in a 6 foot length then cut it in half so it would cover the area that I needed covered.
Chucks or waterproof protectors that are disposable work but get expensive.
Wearing absorbant briefs with a liner will help as well as limiting liquids a few hours before bed, cutting caffeine in the later part of the day. If possible getting the person up during the night may also help greatly. Difficult to do if they are taking medication that makes them a fall risk. If that is the case a commode by the bedside would help.

Feb 07, 2016 - 01:52 PM

What we do, as my father has the same issue, is this...I have a fitted mattress pad over the entire mattress, then a crib size waterproof pad over that, then the sheets, then a fabric waterproof mattress protector and I have him wear super absorbency disposable underwear.

I would highly suggest the fabric waterproof mattress protectors rather than the blue 'pee pads' or chucks. Yes, you need to wash them but they are much less likely to bunch and get out from under the area needing protecting. Don't wash them with fabric softener or they'll become less absorbent. The ones I have are plaid and are made by RediMedica (I think) and are about 3 feet by 3 feet or a little smaller. They cover almost the entire width of the twin mattress and from the edge of the pillows to below his rear enough to protect the bed. They are a lifesaver. I got them on ebay but I'd wager medical supply places have them too.
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