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Is there anyway to speed up the VA application process?

It's been 8 months since we applied and I'm afraid dad is going to be dead or homeless before we ever get approved. I know it's backdated but that's not helpful when his nursing home is calling me multiple times per week wanting to get paid.
Status: Open    Jan 30, 2016 - 06:10 AM

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Feb 08, 2016 - 06:19 AM

What type of application did he submit? Is he seeking Compensation or Pension? That all determines how long you may have left in the waiting game. In general though the VA will not expedite unless the veteran is terminal and under hospice care. For that instance it was the only way I was able to get the VA to complete a claim in 30 days times, but that was compensation which are normally 12-18 months. Depending on where you live the Pension Management Center in Milwaukee has had a good turnaround time of about 90 days for any Pension claims. I am sorry to hear that your claim is taking time that seemingly your father does not have. I would contact a Veterans Service Officer in your area to help with advocacy of your claim, search this website to find a VSO: OGC - Accreditation Search

Feb 09, 2016 - 09:58 AM

You may try to contact your local legislator and have them conduct an inquiry. Usually when the VA gets an inquiry from a congressman or senator they will pull the file and respond within a reasonable time frame. Once they pull the file they can usually make a quick determination unless they need additional information to complete the claim.

If your dad is in a skilled nursing home you should be looking into Medicaid.

Feb 09, 2016 - 08:51 PM

My clients have had some success contacting their senator. If your Dad does pass away prior to approval, the claim will die; however, you may be able recover the money you personally paid for burial and related expenses, but only if you can validate. Keep any copies of cancelled checks are other forms of payment.
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