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Veteran Benefits: next steps?

I received a rejection notice for my 81 yr old father from Dept. of Veteran affairs in Milwaukee. Their reply said he was denied because he served on active duty for Korean war from 11/10/55 to 11/9/58, not during their "wartime table". I find this ridiculous, he was still a marine! We had gone thru this process for over 6 mos only to get turned down. He needs financial assistance for medical and daily living. Their only income is soc security and I refuse to go to Medicaid. What I was looking for was income to help him as the caregiver for my mother who has Alzheimers and keep them in their condo, not flush what little money they have to assisted living. She won't go to daycare alone, so we wanted in home care during the day and they have no LTC. He should be entitled to something for being in service. He was also a union truck driver back in the day but they lost all their retirement funding. Seniors have a rough go with little else to turn to.
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VA Benefits

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Jan 27, 2016 - 08:42 AM

Unfortunately, this is something the VA will not bend on regarding the Non-Service Connected Veterans Pension. The Korean War dates that were adopted by Congress are June 27, 1950 - January 31, 1955. The only other option that he could consider is getting enrolled in VA Healthcare by filling out the 10-10 EZ form and applying for Extended Home Care Service by filling out the 10-10EC form once he is enrolled in VA Healthcare.


Jan 30, 2016 - 12:31 PM

There is a program called VIP (Veterans In Place) the person will be assessed and assigned a budget based upon the leval of care that is needed. The money from this can be used to pay gor a caregiver, as well as other necessary services.
Contact your local Senior Services agency or the VA to ask about the program. (I am in Illinois and do not know if the program is nation wide)
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