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Can my Mom get addtitional VA benefits ?

My Mom is 81 yrs old she currently gets around $1700 from my Dad's ss and va benefits, he has been deceased for over 20 yrs . my mom has dementia and care for her at some point I know will be more than I can handle. If I have to place her in a facility or get someone to stay w/her around the clock will the VA help? I have been told that she would possibly need to give up her benefits and my father's pension to get any type of financial assistance. My fear is placing her in a facility and she is treated badly especially w/her condition it would be easy for others to deny what she may or may not be going through that is why I am more fond of private help . She lives in Warner Robins, GA currently w/me so I am not sure if this would depend on the state she resides in.
Any clarity to this would be greatly apprcieated.
Status: Open    Jan 22, 2016 - 11:04 AM

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Jan 22, 2016 - 11:25 AM

That would depend on what type of benefits she is currently receiving from the VA. If she is receipt of DIC then that benefit amount is static but if she is receiving the VA Survivor's Pension (which is based upon income and medical expenses) you can submit new information to the VA to adjust her monthly benefit based on her current level of care needs and medical expenses. Your best bet is to speak with an Accredited Veterans Service Officer who can assist you with your mother's benefits and will not charge you for the help. If you need help locating a service officer you may do so through the VA's website at:
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