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What form or forms are necessary to determine your VA benefits

I served in the US Army from Dec. 1970 tp June 1971. I received an honorable discharge
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VA Benefits

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Jan 19, 2016 - 06:13 AM

What VA Benefits are you looking for? Are you looking at filing for Service Connected Compensation (i.e. An injury occured in service and still plauges you today?) OR are you looking to file for VA Veteran's Pension? Both require two completely different forms. Additionally, there are many presumptive health conditions for those that served in Vietnam due to the herbicide Agent Orange. I will need more information to answer your question, or you can find a Veterans Service Officer near your home who can help you with the paperwork free of charge. You can locate a VSO through the VA's Website here:


Jan 19, 2016 - 11:00 AM

This question is: "What form or forms are necessary to determine your VA benefits"?

Because this question is so vague and broad, I would suggest that in order to save the time and effort in finding answers to your questions, on any blog, regarding your veterans' benefits, I would go straight to the horse's mouth, even if you DID NOT SERVE IN THE CAVALRY! (Smile!)

Please call the VA directly. They wil look you up on their computer, tell you what forms you need for any entitled benefit, and even send you information regarding those benefits. Their customer service number is:

Customer service: +1 800-827-1000

Source: Source? VA website @

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