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How do I deal with condescending doctors?

I went with my Dad to see his doctor and was appalled that he treated Dad like he was a toddler. Dad has dementia but this still isn't right. Dad has gone to the same doctor for about 20 years but I never knew how much his attitude had changed until I heard him speaking to dad in a high pitched sing song voice with very short sentences. Dad is aware enough that I'm sure he notices that he is being treated like a child. Do I change doctors, email the doctor, what is best?
Status: Open    Jan 09, 2016 - 03:58 AM

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Jan 20, 2016 - 07:48 AM

I experienced the same thing with my father who had dementia. While at the doctor's office the doctor would face me and talk in the third person about dad. Or, the doctor would talk in euphemisms about something that was wrong instead of saying "cancer." What worked for me is when I said, "He's the boss - I'm just here for support." I would shift and face my father and not the doctor. I would ask my dad, "Do you have any more questions?" or "Dad, do you think...." to get any questions I had to the doctor. I didn't directly interface, in other words, with the doctor. Believe me, the doctor got the idea good and fast -- and no problems after that! And, dad sat up a little straighter and was a bit more interested and involved!
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