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What do you wish you had known about caregiving?

Next week my mom gets out of rehab after having broken her hip. She will be moving in with me because of further fall risks and some memory loss. I've never been a caregiver and was wondering what you know now that you didn't know when you started. What questions do you wish you would have asked?
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Jan 19, 2016 - 11:31 AM

First off, congratulations for stepping up to the responsiblity of caring for a parent. You don't mention if you have other siblings, but this is frequently a subject that creates tensioin in those relationships. Our agency often deals with family members that find themselves in your position. Almost without fail, the responsibility is limited at first, but tends to grow over time. Eventually, the caregiver comes to the realization that they have dedicated all of their time to caring for their loved one, and have no time left for their own lives or other family member. It's easy to understand how this happens, as the demands tend to increase slowly over time, and the caregiver does not realize what is happening due to this slow progression. Knowing up front that this is likely, you should plan to set aside time that you can have for yourself, away from the caregiving duties. If you discover after you have started, that you may have bitten of more than you can chew, seek help. This could come in the form of other family members, church programs, or a caregiving agency. Depending on friends to assist can be tricky as it's easy to wear out that welcome. Good luck, and remember more than anything else to take care of yourself.


Feb 18, 2016 - 02:38 PM

How important it is to take time for yourself and to have assistance. This is important for you as a caregiver and for your mom to have socialization with people other than you. Caregiving is less difficult if you aren't in each other's space 24/7.
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