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Can a person on Medicaid in MD go to assisted living in DE?

My mom is in Maryland and is on Medicaid and we are seeking a assisted living but the choices are limited since they want private payers and claim to not have Medicaid beds available. There seems to be more assisted living facilities in Delaware so we may consider seeking one in Delaware. The question is: can my mom, currently on Medicaid go to a assisted living facility in Delaware? I've heard she has to remain in the state of Maryland since she's under Maryland Medicaid. I checked with Abbey Manor in Elkton, Maryland, a place close to family and they do not accept Medicaid. They mentioned something about subsidy in addition. What does subsidy or subsidiary mean?

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Jan 20, 2016 - 08:28 AM

The residency rules vary from state to state. Generally, you can move to a different state and become qualified for Medicaid in the new state. The things to ask about are the qualification regulations. MD may allow a person to have $3,000 and qualify but DE's limit may be $2,000. DE may not provide any benefit for assisted living. Some states do some do not. I would contact an attorney in DE to ask about the qualification requirements and the benefits available.

In this case I think a subsidy means Medicaid would pay for part of the cost but not all of it.

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