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I'm worried mom will start a fire when she's cooking, what can I do?

She loves to cook and is still very good at it. She is just easily distracted so if the phone rings she answers it and then starts doing other things and totally forgets that she has something on the stove.
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Jan 02, 2016 - 08:04 AM

My mom was in the same situation as your mom.....she actually cracked the glass on the top of the stovetop boiling water because she was distracted by something outside. She also let the kitchen sink overflow. I felt for her and everyone uses safety she needed to be somewhere else.I moved her to independent living where they cook the meals.
I am now considering moving her to assisted living but a lot of places here expect residents to be able to climb up and down stairs in case ofemergencieswhich she has trouble do I send her to a nursing facility???? It's very difficult making correct decisions for a parent.
Good luck!

Jan 03, 2016 - 07:07 AM

First answer a question........does your Mother live alone?

In the case with MY Mother, she did live alone. The stove in her apartment was electric, so the choice was to un-plug the unit AND shut the breaker off. Now she could have turned the breaker back 'on', however she does not have the strength to pull the unit away from the wall and check the plug. If she called the Landlord, he was instructed appease her. A microwave oven and toaster oven were installed. The neighbor would check-in at least twice daily to see 'how you doing Pat?' The neighbor would also prepare dinner daily.

The story could be continued, but I believe that is not relevant to your concern/question.

Let me know if this helped.


Mar 04, 2016 - 04:04 AM

Hello, There may be some comfort you if you look at some of the technology that is available in the market to warn users that there attention has wondered or eliminate the danger. There is a safety devise that will shut down the kitchen range if it is unattended . This devise will also record the number of times it shut down because of unattendance and send you a computer generated report documenting these events. Also you might consider purchasing a electric tea pot which will automatically shut off once water is boiled. I am an Aging -in Place Specialist and have recomended these to my clients. Tim St.Hilaire


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