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My Dad seems depressed, how seriously should I take his negative comments?

Every holiday and birthday he says it's his last and practically every conversation with him involves the phrase "I won't be around much longer". His doctor says there is nothing wrong with him, he is 77 years old.
Status: Open    Dec 06, 2015 - 06:20 AM

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Jan 02, 2016 - 11:52 PM

Feel for ya bro. After my 84 yr old dad's slip on some black ice last winter, I was put into his life again. Hadn't really been involved in his day to day stuff for the last several yrs due to my own marriage & children. But came to the realization he was dealing w/some serious depression this past yr after losing his mobility. Dude just was never able to really get his legs back under him since busting his hip. Maybe it would've bummed me out too.

Anyhow, after trying to cheer him up for several months to no avail, I talked to his doc about trying some type of trial w/an anti-depressant pill. And even w/a low dose of 10 mg (normal is 20mg) it seems to have made his outlook not so dour. His leg strength is just about gone, but he's a little bit happier for some reason. Maybe your dad just has to go thru all the stages of grief (denial, anger etc...acceptance) to find some peace. Otherwise just inquire w/his General prac M.D. about something that won't give him bad side effects.
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