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Am I responsible for step dad care costs?

My step father has dementia, I have POA, I have settled most of his debts with credit card companies except one.. which they take out of bank acccount every month.. I have used some of my own monies to pay debts, I'm not interested in getting that monies back from step dad,, my concern is he lives in florida, while I live in New York, would I be resposible for any assistance care living cost cause I'm his POA, I was told that if I did sign any papers in his regard or behalf,as long as I put POA I wouldn't be.. just trying to get a second opinion ....
Status: Open    Dec 01, 2015 - 03:56 PM

Finance, Elder Law

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Dec 14, 2015 - 02:56 PM

Generally, you will not be held financially responsible for any financial documents that you sign as your stepfather's agent (or POA). When signing in this manner, it is your father's obligation and his agreement to the terms of the document. You may wish to consult an elder law attorney in Florida to ensure there are no parental support obligations within the state.
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