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Info on VA Benefits?

I'd like to thank you for your earlier response about my step father and VA benefits - but he was not in wartime, persay, he joined right after korean war and got discharged in 1960 when vietnam started, he was suppose to ship out but goverment realize his time was up for serving. Is he still entitled for VA benefits?
Status: Open    Dec 01, 2015 - 03:58 PM

VA Benefits

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Dec 02, 2015 - 04:51 AM

Unfortunately, this benefit is only available to wartime veterans. You may want to apply for medicaid. Florida has a program called Medicaid Managed Care that may provide some assistance if he needs care. Be aware there is a waiting list for this program.

Source: Ted Capuano

Dec 02, 2015 - 09:06 AM

Ahh that is unfortunate unless he was in the service prior to January 31, 1955 he would not have the requisite service for the pension program. However, he may still be able to receive VA Medical care at a VA facility. You should speak to a VA Enrollment Coordinator at the nearest VA facility to see if there is anything they can provide for him.


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