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What services are available to bridge care from Acute care to memory care?

What services are available to bridge care? Acute Care Elderly (ACE) to memory care.
My dad broke his hip in his memory care facility. He was sent to the hospital where we were told it is a pelvic fracture and inoperable, most likely it will not heal. He was sent to a psych unit for elderly (ACE) due to other concerns. The hip has not healed yet, the behavior issues have been worked on and his insurance will no longer pay for the ACE. He can not go back to his previous memory care. We need funds to bridge the gap. He is married his wife still lives in their home. She has social security benefits, she is 80, he is 83. My mom is in California, my dad is in a facility in Oregon. I moved him last month. I live in Oregon, I'm the daughter. He was in a care facility in California prior to this, assisted living, but needed memory care. We are in the process of finding an other care facility, but funds are rapidly being depleted, I am new at this, it seems like a maze my family has to navigate.
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Nov 06, 2015 - 03:46 AM

If he served in the military for at least one day during a period of war, he may be eligible for the VA's Aid and Attendance Pension, so search this site on that if he is a wartime verteran.
In addition, Oregon has very liberal Medicaid laws, I recommend speaking with the community relations director at the Memory Care about financial assistance programs they have at the community that might be availabe to your father,


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