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How do I handle my 93 year old father's has occasional poop accidents in bed?

Not urine, he always pees into a plastic urinal during the night. He has beginning dementia and depression. He just refuses to wear Depends to bed. Even when I would get him to wear one at night, he would wake up in the middle of the night and take it off. He keeps saying that he doesn't want to poop in it. I put a matress pad on the bed and a couple disposable matress pads on top (under the sheet). Does anyone have any other suggestions?
Status: Open    Oct 05, 2015 - 07:31 AM

Dementia, Caregiving

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Oct 07, 2015 - 12:51 PM

Fecal incontinence is a common disorder in our aging population and can have profound effects on patient’s well-being. The prevalence is higher in patients older than 65 years of age (11% to 15.2%)

In general, fecal incontinence is defined as the continuous or recurrent uncontrolled passage of fecal material for at least one month in an older individual.

A general approach to treatment of patients with fecal incontinence is a thorough history and physical examination by ones doctor can provide important clues to the etiology of fecal incontinence.

IF the fecal incontinence is only nocturnal it could often imply an underlying bowel disorder. A careful inventory of dietary habits, medication review including herbal remedies could also lead the doctor in determining the possible cause and if any treatment is warranted.

Once ‘red flags’ have been ruled out and reversible causes of diarrhea excluded, many patients respond to empirical medical management. It is important to keep the skin as clean and dry as possible to avoid skin breakdown leading to possible infection.

Your local medical equipment supplier or pharmacy could also make some recommendations of other disposable products to try.


Oct 05, 2015 - 10:03 AM

My stepfather had the same issues. We had to take all of his boxers and briefs out of the house and replace them with Depends in his dresser so that is all he had to wear. I read to do it that way and it solves the problem of having to have "the talk" or "discussion" with them. Of course, your father may not wear any underwear to bed at all and that creates another issue. In the case of my stepfather...he just started wearing the Depends since there was nothing else to wear. Good luck!
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