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How can I find assistance with transportation only needs?

My husband is post-stroke and is able to be left alone during the day while I work. However, he curretly does not drive. I would like to have him start a therapy program at a facility in an adjoining county approximately 41 miles from our home but have been unable to find transportation that will cross the county line. Do you provide any help with transporting people?
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Sep 23, 2015 - 10:19 AM

Many home care agencies offer this type of service. Simply inquire with a local provider and ask if it's available. You'll likely have to find one that serves the counties you have in mind. You should also ask if they will have the transport caregiver stay with your husband during the therapy. Make certain that the providing agency has full insurance coverage, and in some states, is licensed for the service. If cost is an issue, there's a possibility that the caregiver could use your vehicle to eliminate per-mile charges. Again, be certain that the situation is covered by insurance.
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