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How can I help my sister who has advanced MS?

After taking a bad fall at the start of this summer and spending a few days in the hospital, she has had to have a 24/7 live in aide to assist her with transfers and to tend to an open wound. Her strength has been totally diminished and while she is very independently minded, her ability to live on her own has been severely impacted. With the added expense of a live in aide, medical expenses and apparatus expenses, reserve funds have been nearly depleted. What are her options for long term care without the economic resources to pay for these expenses? For her own mental wellbeing, she needs to maintain some independence and the ability to socialize. Is there an agency that can assist in presenting these choices to her? I want to assure that she is happy in any transition that may occur.

Status: Open    Sep 18, 2015 - 08:34 AM

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Sep 20, 2015 - 08:27 AM

Considering the debilitating effect of advanced MS and depending on your sister's age, your best recourse is to contact her local state/county Council for Aging. I, personally, have seen the benefits of mild physical therapy on MS patients - helping them regain independence somewhat. From a medical/legal standpoint, does she have any life insurance she intended for her heirs. She can try tapping into that insurance to support herself. Does she have Medicare or is she eligible for Medicaid. Does she own her home? Does she have a mortgage? Home equity loans are options. The Council on Aging for her state and county can help in these areas as well as physical care. Good luck!
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