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Why does mom think we are stealing?

Mom keeps changing door locks to her house cause she thinks we are stealing
Status: Open    Sep 08, 2015 - 07:35 AM


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Sep 27, 2015 - 09:07 PM

If Mom can not find things and if you are the people who she knows have been over...

Oct 04, 2015 - 09:31 AM

She thinks you are stealing because she forgets where she has placed an item.
I am concerned that she changes the locks making it difficult for you to get to her if she should need help.
If she is better memory wise in the morning try to help her "organize" things some morning so they will be easier to find. (hopefully)
If it is glasses she is loosing see if you can get extra "reader" glasses and place a few of them in areas that she may look for them. The dresser, night stand, the table by her chair. Like a squirrel looking for nuts she will find one of the pairs of glasses and be less likely to think that they were "stolen"
If it is clothing she is looking for try to get some duplicates of her favorite so if one pair of black slacks are in the wahs there is another pair, a blue blouse in the wash another is there for her.
Many problems come with dementia and "hoarding" and it gets difficult as as the clutter, or what she may think of as treasures, builds it is easier to misplace items. This compounds with forgetting where an item was put.
So as difficult as it is try to keep the kept items to a minimum. Even if you have to say about a stack of folded paper bags..."gee I really could use this at home would you mind if I borrowed it" then toss out the bags or what ever it is. If the item is requested back you can say I will bring it next time. That should work for a while.
Please make sure you have a key to get into the house in an emergency. And who is changing the locks for her? Is it a trusted person?
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