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What should I look for in choosing a caregiver?

I'm currently signing up to a home care agency and they will be sending 3 candidates that I can choose from. What should I look for in a good caregiver?
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Sep 14, 2015 - 08:14 AM

The main thing to be concerned about is the agency itself. If they are careful to hire and supervise qualified and dependable caregivers, you should feel confident that you will receive good care. Some questions to ask are: What are their hiring requirements, such as what credentials are required of their aides, i.e. amount of training and experience. Do they check references? How much supervision do they provide? Do they make regular on-site visits to make sure that the aide is providing safe assistance. Do they provide an opportunity for you to provide input, privately? How much on-the-job training do they provide, to keep the aides up-to-date?

If you are satisfied that the agency provides qualified aides and direct supervision, you can then make your decision based upon with whom you feel most comfortable. Your decision should be based upon what the aides responsibilities will include. Are you needing mainly someone who will be a housekeeper and prepare meals or do you need assistance with bathing and other activities of daily living? If you are needing help with activities of daily living, you might want to have them each take care of you for a couple of hours. Then you will be able to see how skilled each is in assisting you, safely. Do they provide support when assisting you into and out of the shower/tub? Do they take safety precautions? Do they provide privacy for you? Are they respectful of your belongings? If they are going to prepare meals for you, you might want to have them prepare a meal.

Your state’s Department of Health Services should be able to provide state requirements for home care agencies. They might also provide the ratings of the various agencies in your area.
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