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Is there assistance for purchasing hearing aids?

What assistance is there for hearing aids. please advise

Status: Open    Aug 14, 2015 - 09:33 AM


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Apr 12, 2016 - 11:14 AM

Hi There,
There are a couple of really good programs that offer financing for hearing aids, some with up to 24 months with either no interest or deferred interest. One is called Care Credit, they offer financing for Dentist offices, Hearing Care Providers, and others. We also use HealthiPlan, who tends to have a lower interest rate. Please feel free to see my expert profile for contact dettails if you would like further information on either.

Thank you,


Apr 25, 2016 - 08:03 AM

If you are eligible for Medicaid, the benefits include hearing aids, as long as the provider that you’re getting them from accepts Medicaid. Medicare benefits, on the other hand, do not cover the cost of hearing aids.


Aug 14, 2015 - 02:41 PM


I believe Medicare covers the exam but not the device. Depending on what state you are in an any additional benefits you may have (such as Medicaid) there might be some assistance. This link breaks it down by state:

This link here also has some great resources for hearing aide recipients. As you can see there may be some that you qualify for depending on your personal situation.

Best of luck!

Aug 14, 2015 - 07:04 PM

In Sacramento, CA, at the university where they teach speech therapy, there is a hearing center that serves the local community. They may have resources. Also the Lions Club does free eyeglasses....they may know of someone who does hearing aids for low income.
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