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Is dementia a disease?

Is dementia a disease or is it considered a sickness? I know that they are two very different things, an illness being more of something that a person feels whereas a disease is doesn't neccesarily mean that the patient is feeling different but has a disease.
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Aug 10, 2015 - 07:13 AM

Dementia is an organic brain disorder characterized by loss of cognitive ability. There are several types and causes of dementia. In most cases, dementia could be considered a disease or an illness.

I wasn’t sure why you were asking this question. If it was because you were just curious, I hope this helps. If it was because you were wondering if dementia care is covered by medical insurance, the answer can be complicated. Medications and any medical or skilled treatments would be covered, but not any care that would be considered custodial. That is where it is handy to have Long term care insurance.


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