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Does anyone have nursing care plan examples to share?

I am debating putting my parents into some sort of care facility or possibly in-home care but I am not sure what all goes into nursing care. Does anyone have a list or some resources of things that I should consider before making this decision? Thanks!
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Aug 13, 2015 - 07:32 AM

Let me start by saying that it is a bit of a challenge to give you accurate advice without knowing your parents' situation.

I would point to several suggestions for you to consider based on your understanding of their health and needs:

- In home care has some great benefits and is most effective when someone is requiring minor assistance. This is especially true in the instances of housekeeping and medication set-up.
- Assisted living can start far earlier than many realize. I look at Assisted Living being a benefit for those who require: cooking, cleaning, transportation and medication management. Any care beyond solidifies that argument. Here is why: if your parents aren't cooking or driving, they are isolated and likely depressed. Entering into a communal environment that provides wellness resources is the first step in ensuring they continue to thrive.
- Home health does not provide 24 hour response, while Assisted Living will have a call system that pages care staff at any required time. If you begin Home Health, consider doing so in conjunction with a life-alert for emergencies.
- Home health, beyond the basics, can be WILDLY expensive. I speak with families who approach or exceed $10,000 per month for services that Assisted Living can provide for under half that cost. Moreover, the $10k does not take into account additional living expenses (food, utilities, etc), whereas Assisted Living includes room, board and care.
- If your parents do not require the skill of assisted living or regular cueing and redirecting (reminding to attend meals, for example), they may fare very well in an independent living environment with visiting home health and family support. Independent living communities vary, but they will generally provide meals, transportation and activities to residents.
- Nursing homes, or skilled nursing facilities, are an option that should be based on your parents' level of care. There are some who absolutely require a skilled nursing. However, there are many who can function perfectly well in Assisted Living. An assessment by a nurse (likely from your preferred assisted living) will tell whether or not the appropriate level of care can be provided.

This should be a bit to chew on for now. Please follow up if you need any clarification and don't hesitate to call your local independent, assisted, skilled and home health agencies to discuss with them your parent's situation and how they can be of assistance. As always, include your parents in the process if they are capable.
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