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What to do for emergency dementia care?

My mother-in-laws nursing facility discharged her to us last week but they were not truthful about the level of care required. We clearly did not understand the extent of her disease. Most of the time she is completely confused, she is occasionally combative and doesn't recognize her family. I can't take another day of this! The refused to re-admit her today due to her combativeness. Yet they let her untrained, ill equipped family take the responsibility without full disclosure. The social worker is planning to help us next week try to start getting her ready for assisted living. That's too late. I want something done before the weekend. What can we do now?
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Jul 01, 2015 - 08:48 AM

The best way to obtain emergency dementia care, is take the person to the Emergency department of the hospital. If you are not able to get them in the car to take them then call 911. Let the staff and or emergency operators know that the person is need of a complete mental health assessment for dementia for extreme confusion, combativeness, and other symptoms you describe that threatens their safety and the safety of others. The Emergency department will run blood work to ensure there is no physical problem that causes these symptoms present and if not they will then transfer them to geriatric psychiatric facility for evaluation and treatment.

My preference if possible, is to get a person living with dementia to a geriatric psychiatrist to be evaluated and assessed as an outpatient so treatment can be started right away and the physician at that point would determine if they can be treated via outpatient or best to admit to inpatient. With this option you are in control as to what doctor and or facility then treats your family member.

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