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How can we keep Mom safe at our house?

She has macular degeneration and mostly blind and she has had a hip replacement which left her with limited mobility. I have bought a bathtub chair with a sliding/turning seat on it that straddles the inside & outside of the tub. The hallways are wide enough for her to use the walker throughout and the floors are not carpeted. Is there anything else we need to do to keep her safe and comfortable?
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Jun 28, 2015 - 02:59 PM

Are there stairs that she could fall down?
Are the lights bright enough so that she can easily see?
In some fixtures you can change regular bulbs to LED lights. The seem to be brighter than a regular bulb or a CFL bulb.
Eliminate any area rugs if you have them.

Maybe changing some doorknobs from a xxxx to a lever type might be easier for her to use. Maybe changing toilets to ADA height toilet might help. (unless she is short) Placing a safty bar on the toilet so she can more easily get up. Placing grab bars on the wall near the toilet and or bathtub. (by the way I found that while grab bars should go into studs grab bars that are 16 inches long are easy to find but ones that are 32 not so easy to find. Rather than risk missing a stud put a board on the wall into the studs and mount the grab bar onto the board) Some of the grab bars now are much more stylish and look like and can double as towel bars.

And a wild thought here...have you asked her if there is anything that you have not thought of that would make things easier for her?

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By krisjack1234 on Feb 18, 2017 - 04:10 AM | Like (0)  |  Report

As you said that you have bought a bathtub chair with a sliding/turning seat is a good idea for her to take a bath. But I would recommend you to install a walk-in bathtub because these bathtubs are easy-to-access and a fast draining capability are included with many of these tubs. My grandmother was also dealing with mobility issues. Then on the recommendation of the doctor, we had installed a walk-in tub by the experienced contractors of walk in bathtubs in Spokane which is available at, who had installed the tub with the extra features of hydrotherapy jets which helped her to reduce stress and she can live independently for many years.

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