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Does Alzheimer's disease cause rummaging behavior?

My 92-year-old Dad drives me crazy by always rummaging through drawers, boxes, the closet, the refrigerator -- all sorts of places. When I ask him what he is looking for or if I can help he just says "nothing". Is his Alzheimer's disease causing this, and what, if anything, should I do about it?
Status: Open    Jun 14, 2015 - 07:43 AM


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Oct 13, 2015 - 08:12 AM

Yes, and here are some tips from the Alzheimer’s Association …….


Jun 15, 2015 - 12:17 PM

He may or may not be looking for something.
He may not know what he is looking for. And if he finds what he was looking for he may not remember that is what he was searching for to begin with.
If he is not messing things up, forgetting to close the refrigerator door let him rummage.
You might even want to give him a box of things to go through and ask him to find something for you. Put a red ball at the bottom of a box of t-shirts or misc. stuff and ask him if he can find the red ball for you. Next day it could be something else in a drawer or closet.
Bottom line is if it really does not bother you nor does it stress him out don't worry about it.
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