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Senior apartment wants to evict mom - now what?

My mother has mild dementia, she is in a senior apartment now and she has called the police on the person next door saying it's a man who is keeping her from sleeping but her neighbor is only a 95 yr old woman who needs a walker to get around. I have tried to explain to her that there are no men above her and the women's daughter lives out of state, so there are not grandchildren or young men up there. Because of her calling the police several times and scaring those around her, the management has asked that I move her or they will evict her. I don't what to do because my she only gets $1080.00 a month and I can't afford to help either.
Status: Open    Jun 13, 2015 - 07:18 AM

Dementia, Senior Living Communities

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Jun 22, 2015 - 08:01 AM

Your mother is demonstrating actions that are common with people living with dementia. I would recommend you have her evaluated by her doctor who diagnosed her "mild dementia" or even better if a geriatric psychiatrist is in her area to determine the extent of her dementia, and help to determine her level of care needs as it relates to medication and personal care. If these actions are all new for her, it could also be other medical conditions such as urinary tract infection or dehydration that could be escalating her symptoms.

Once you know her current medical status and care needs, you then may need to adjust her living arrangements. She may need a nursing assistance to come in a few hours to assist with whatever she is not able to do herself. Or you may need to determine the availability and cost in her area of the next level of care facility for her which may be a personal care home or assisted living.

If she cannot pay for either of these, and she meets the income/asset qualification for Medicaid it may be time to apply for government assistance. Check with her state of residence office or department on aging for further assistance and possible resources in her area.

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