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Should I move my mom to home care?

My mother is currently in a nursing home in Phoenix AZ. I have some concerns about her care as she's had to be rushed to the hospital unresponsive twice in the past few months. After serious talks with my husband, we are looking into bringing her to live with us. She is 78 and has serious health issues. She is Medicare/Medicaid and I believe eligible for nursing care from the home. She is bedridden with muscular dystrophy/series of medication to deal with blood pressure, some dementia, etc. We are here in Phoenix as well. There are no other nearby care facilities which provide for Medicare/Medicaid patients. My question is does anyone have information regarding such a move as this?
Status: Open    Jun 06, 2015 - 05:03 PM

Caregiving, Medicare/Medicaid

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Jun 26, 2015 - 01:37 PM

An important person, who needs to be consulted about this issue, is your mother’s Medicaid case manager. I wouldn’t be surprised if the case manager would support the idea. Home care is more cost effective, as long as the situation is safe for her. You will want to find out what services Medicaid will provide toward your mom’s care. It sounds like she may also be eligible for skilled nursing and therapy services from a home health agency, at least temporarily.

Make sure that you understand why your mom was ‘rushed to the hospital’ and if you and your husband would be able to prevent such occurrences or handle them, if they do occur. I would suggest that you discuss this with her doctor and any other professionals, such as therapists and nurses who may be familiar with her care. Consider all of the aspects of her care before you make your final decisions.

It sounds like your mother’s care is very involved. When I was a home health nurse, I saw families who were able to care for a loved one at home. It took a lot of dedication, but they did not seem to regret their decision. I wish you luck in in your search for the best situation for your mother.


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