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What types of floor plans do senior communities have?

Mom gets really confused with stairs and elevators. She can't figure out how to go up or down stairs and totally freaks out in an elevator, to the point we had to change doctors because I can't get her to go up to his 3rd floor office. She has dementia and it is getting to where home care is no longer an option. I've looked a couple of assisted livng communities in my area and they were all very nice but had elevators and grand staircases.
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Senior Living Communities, Dementia

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Jul 14, 2015 - 02:31 PM

I am wondering if you are looking at assisted living for frail adults, vs assisted living for those with memory loss. My experience is often assisted living for thsoe with memory loss is either done on one confined floor (eliminating the use of elevators or stairs) with their own dedicated dining room or better yet on a ranch floor plan.

Often times an overlooked symptom of dementia or memory loss is visual changes that affect depth perception as well as visual-spatial coordination, which would explain her fear of steps and the feeling of sort of weightlessness that can accompany an elevator ride. While it makes sense the elevator takes us where we want to go, our current older generation didn't grow up "in the olden days' often with elevators making them a bit of an unknown coupled with their memory loss.

I always found it interesting that seniors with memory loss fear a shower or a toilet with running water because their brains have a hard time computing the drain or the flushing toilet. My experience used to be that many men were incontinent of bladder because of the 'black hole' at the bottom of the toilet and offering them a tree to urinate on, as a test to see if they could control their output, was astonishing, they weren't incontinent at all but rather fearful of the running water and black hole in the toilet. Of course everyone is unique and has their own challenges but this 'unknown' factor is seen often in folks with memory loss. Hand in hand is often the resistance to bathing, running water, down the drain etc. Their brain can't compute how they too won't go down that drain.
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