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Can house sale proceeds be used for home care?

I'm not sure with the money she received if I can use it for someone to watch her when I work? Mom has congestive heart failure and Alzheimer's. She has already fallen once while in my care. She is not able to cook, clean, keep up with financial affairs or bathe by herself. We live in a rural area and there are no options for day care. I have been trying to read as much as I can on what I can and cannot use the money from the selling of her home but have not found a thing on home care.
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Mar 31, 2016 - 08:28 AM

I imagine you are asking this with Medicaid in mind for down the road. If that is the case, as long as mom's money is being used for HER and no one else, you can use the money for virtually anything. Key fact is that it's for her. She shouldn't be gifting money to family members or anything of that nature. Additionally, if she does hire a caregiver, make sure there is a written contract in place signed by the caregiver and mom's power of attorney (if her Alzheimer's is at the point where she is no longer decisional). Having a signed, detailed agreement is very important if applying for Medicaid down the road becomes necessary.

Apr 01, 2016 - 10:12 AM

If you are her guardian or agent under a Durable Power of Attorney, then you are able to use her funds for her own care and hiring someone to provide in-home care would probably be in her best interest. That is the key question is using someone else's funds for their care- it must be in their best interest. Further, it cannot provide a benefit to any other individual.

Apr 04, 2016 - 10:17 AM

The proceeds from the sale of your mom’s home can be spent on anything for her. Home care is a great way to use the money. I would suggest using a home care agency, as this will give you greater peace of mind about who is taking care of your mom – all employees are required to go through a thorough criminal background check before being hired. It’s also important that you keep a paper trail of the payments made, so that in case your mom will need Medicaid down the line, you’ll be able to show and prove what her funds were spent on legitimate expenses.
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