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Is Mom a potential elder scam victim?

He moved in about six months ago, he mows her yard, takes her shopping, does house repairs and is at her house almost all day. I'd guess he is in his early 30's and he just makes the hair on my neck stand up. Mom of course loves him and won't listen to any words of caution. I can't prove anything is wrong, Mom said he's never asked for money but I just get a bad feeling. Am I being paranoid?
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Oct 29, 2015 - 02:13 PM

No, you are being vigilent. This is a classic scam. Get him out of there now!


Jun 28, 2015 - 03:10 PM

I don't think you are being parinoid.
Are her papers in a secure location?
Are you on her accounts so you can monitor things? (if not you might want to talk to your Mom about this it might be a good idea in case something happens)
Do you have access to her credit or debit accounts so you can monitor activity? (again it might be a good idea)

I do not know if this is possible but have you gone to the police to see if you can do a background check on him? It might cost a few $$ but it might be well worth it.
Have you talked to him, tried to get to know him, where did he come from, how did they meet??? you know all the questions your Mom used to ask your friends when you were growing up. He should have no problems answering them.
And this might be just what she says it is he is helping her out and she is providing room and board.
But this can get funny in a legal sense I hear all these stories about people that rent out rooms and then can not get rid of the person and have to go to court to evict them, or squatters that just can't be tossed out they have to be legally evicted. I would hate to think that that might happen and he refuses to leave and you get tied up in court trying to evict him.
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